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SAINT FLORES Female Feminine Nun.  She is the Saint of Flowers. St. Flores is a spiritual compassionate energy.  She is all about being in service to others, be it family or a caregiver.  Her great big heart is full of love and kindness.  St Flores is the radiator of great love and wants to care for you and everything dear to you.  She especially adores children, animals, being in nature or gardens. St Flores wants to ask in prayer for all the things you need and also work in service to heal deep wounds of emothions for you or others that need any healing.  She would be happiest in daily prayers, mantra or affirmations of service.  She loves fragrance and aromatherapy along with flowers around her.  Works well with others, sparks creativity, joy and compassion in your life.   St. Flores is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is an elongated pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull that measures 1 1/4"L 1"W 3/4"H.

Saint Flores

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