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Sand Storm 

Sand Storm wants to show you what is really going on, if you are attracted to him then you may be on mission here too or have felt that something is happening to Earth, but not quite sure what. Sand Storm helps waking you up so you can wake up the others. Many ‘humans’ have been contracted to do this and now it’s time. You will start remembering, if you don’t already. Sand Storm says he can take you aboard his craft during dream time and show you everything. This will activate you even more. He walks you through your ascension and directs you to the answers and teachers you seek. Meditate with him and he helps you activate your energy body, healing your physical body, if needed. He will guide you to what practices you should learn next and any books or information that will help you. Sand Storm will hold space for you, in meditation, and together you integrate the higher energies of Earth’s atmosphere. Within these new energies are DNA upgrades, light languages for activation and restoration of relevant memories. Sand Storm shows you other planets and other Beings throughout space and time. He can confirm for you any strange dreams or thoughts you have had, like where you came from, whether there is life outside of Earth, and anything else you wonder about. He is very excited to share all he knows, with you. He says that you know these things already, but have forgotten. The more you work with Sand Storm the more your memory will be restored.

Sand Storm will help to protect your energy, wear him or carry him with you, lay him nearby when you sleep, and set him by the door to keep watch. He is your personal body/energy guard. He carries and energy weapon that resembles a sword. It looks like it creates lightening. Star gaze and sky watch with Sand Storm and let him show you things hidden in the skies. Cleanse Sand Storm in sage smoke, take him outside often, let him recharge by placing him in a window sill during storms or rain and play those sounds for him.

Sandstorm is a pre-activated Crystal Skull mounted onto a 18" multi-colored moonstone handwired Sterling Silver necklace. 



Sandstorm is here for the ascension and he looks like one of those stormtroopers from Star Wars, he wears a white suit with a white helmet and drives a small one or two person craft. He says that he is from Mars and he fights evil. He has been assigned to watch over and patrol Earth’s skies now and he is only one of an entire unit of thousands, and that Earth is vulnerable right now. He is assigned to make sure no more “darkness” is allowed in, and after any are expelled, that they can not return. 

Sand Storm

$333.00 Regular Price
$303.00Sale Price
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