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Sangria Mandolin 


Sangria Mandolin is the elemental sound’s of string music!

(Guitar, Mandolin, Violin) 

She’s a slender, dark skinned beauty, with raven hair styled in a tight chignon.

She’s presents her image dressed in a fitted Red silk dress, with ruffles and black lace around her hem.

Sangria carries herself like a flamenco dancer would, she especially vibrates the passion of flamenco guitar  or even an Italian love song.

Sangria is all about the energy of passion that emits from ones Heart and translates into glorious string music of all kinds.

She’s a rare vibration that brings excitement and color where ever you both go.

Sangria is definitely a head turning energy so get ready! 

She’s going to draw love, passion and excitement into your life! ️

When wearing Sangria Mandolin first set your intention for the day.

You may ask for a subtle vibration or amplifier her energy to attract more attention.

Simple wear her and listen for the music of the Heart  (she really likes to hear passionate music to rev her up or even relax with her) sage after wearing for awhile.

Sangria Mandolin is the facilitator of the Heart Chaka, her lucky number is 7

Sangria Mandolin

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