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Savanna is a beautiful nature spirit. She resides in the savannah of Africa. Savanna is the spirit of the Acacia tree as she spent many centuries taking care and nourishing the animal and plants in nature.
She used her energy to bless and assist Gaia to transmute dense energy and raise Gaia’s frequency.
Savanna shows herself as a petite female. She is slender. She has large eyes and a beautiful smile. Savanna wears a yellow and green dress.
Her aura is light green, and small yellow orbs surround her. These orbs are her life force energy.
Savanna is a high-frequency spirit, and she will teach you the power of your soul. She will hold your hand and show you the magic you have within your soul and will remind you that you have an immortal part that is limitless and possess a wealth of knowledge and charm.
Savanna will help you to shift your perspective and see yourself with love and pride. She will help to activate and expand your psychic abilities and intuition.
As a nature spirit, Savanna works with your heart and root chakra assisting you in anchoring your connection with your ancestors and Gaia through your heart. Savanna assists with clearing your karma by utilizing her energy. Her energy will soften your heart and manifest through an act of love to take care of animals and plants.
Meditate with Savanna in nature. Let go of your expectations and welcome her beautiful energy into your heart. Place her close to a tree when you feel guided and cleanse her with water and sage. Savanna is a pre-activated Flourite Crystal Skull. 


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