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Is a Star Being from Pleabis. He is all heart and has a deep affinity for Earth and her inhabitants.

He scouts the skies and star systems to see if they are ready for new life or how the life there is flourishing. He gathers information and reports it back to the Council of Nine.

Scout has come to Earth to help humanity and has access to all information fields, so he knows exactly what in you needs to be healed in order for your awakening. He knows your past and future as it all is existing right now and he can see it all. This information field is what he wants to tune you into too.

Scout will help clear your energy field and energy center’s in your body. 

Scout will reconnect you with your star families and new tribe on Earth that are on the same path/mission as you. 

Meditate with Scout and ask for healing and clearing. He will also lead you to others on Earth that can help you do this. Sit with him in your left hand in front of the chakra you want to clear. Tap into his energy and you will feel the energy move through you. After you will feel lighter, more optimistic and full of love to share.

Cleanse Scout in running water and sage him. Set him on the Earth when you feel called that he needs recharging, as his skull is made of the Earth.


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