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A celestial being who originated from the dark side of the moon.

She is ethereal and graceful. Possesses healing love and knowledge and 
appears as a tall and slender female—transparent body with a glowing silver aura.
Selene is a master of shadow work. She is capable of helping you integrate your shadows with love.
She works with your ancestors to assist you clearing your karma that are associated with your shadows.
Her healing energy will restore your chakras from old wounds.
Selene will also assist you with spiritual guidance and connect you with your intuition’s voice.
Meditate with Selene during the new moon to work with your shadows.
Carry her with when you feel called to. Selene will give you her guidance through your thoughts and dreams. Place Selene near you when you sleeping. Know that Selene likes to be outside to recharge under the full moon. She also will communicate with you and share her loving guidance. Treat Selene like your friend and teacher. Offer Selene your gratitude. Cleanse her when guided with running water and sage.

Selene is a pre-activated 2" Amethyst Rainbow Crystal Quartz Skull 1/5 of a pound.


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