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Is a Moon Guardian Goddess.

She is a Celestial Being of light who watches over the moon.
Selena shows herself as a beautiful and tall goddess. Her hair is wavy, long, and wears a crescent moon crown, and is surrounded in silver light.
Selena utilizes the power of the moon to assist with various things:
She'll assist you with manifestation work during the full moon.
And also assist you with shadow work in order to help you integrate your shadows during the new moon.
Selena enables you to break a karmic cycle that is no longer serving you.
She works with your soul to bring you awareness to things and actions you need to do for your ascension journey.
She also works with your crown chakra bathing it with her silver moonlight in order to support you with your divine guidance.
Meditate with Selena when you can and see if you can connect with her deeply by placing her close to you when you are sleeping.
Her energy manifest through dreams and thoughts.
Selena enjoys absorbing the moon energy during the full moon, so charge her outside under the full moon. Cleanse her with sage and water.
Offer Selena your gratitude.

Selena is a small pre-activated Clear Quartz Crystal Skull with a shimmering golden rainbow cap within her skull. 


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