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Señor Saguaro 

Hola amigos!

Señor Saguaro is coming to advise you how to sustain yourself in the arid places, when things are spiritually hot and dry, he is a master at it!

Señor Saguaro stands 30 feet tall in the dry Sonoran desert  he has long accordion ribs that expand and contract for water storage, and is covered with sharp, protective spines. 

As ominous as that sounds he’s actually quite cordial, and hospitable.

Señor Saguaro will occasionally bloom a beautiful white flower, and even share his annual fruit’s with the creatures of the desert.

He sometimes offers a home to a family of baby birds in the notches of his ribs. 

Señor Saguaro’s message is very clear, you must first take care of yourself to be able to care for others.

To work with Señor Saguaro wear him as a remembrance that you are going to practice self care first. 

Sit in a quiet meditation and relax, tuning into your breathing and checking in with your body. (Do this daily) ask yourself what do I need, listening to yourself and after meditation write  down any needs or suggestions that could improve your wellness. 

Do you need prickly spines to thwart away negative energies??? Then focus on your boundaries.

Do you need to bloom feeling beautiful? Give yourself that time too.

Is there extra to share fruit? 

Give generously from your heart.

Stand Tall understand you were made to withstand the dry weather, as well as the quenching rain 

Drink in all you’ll ever need to support and sustain and even have extra to share.

Señor Saguaro is facilitator of the Heart Chakra Ole!

New Mexico Turquoise Crystal Skull made in a Handmade Sterling Silver ring in a sz 7.

Senior Saguaro

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