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Female. A koala bear spirit. 

A facilitator of deep peace of mind + life. 

Serenity ignites deep peace within, which ignites the God within. She is here to shed away the worries, fears and stresses of the mind you may have...for it is all already figured out. Serenity encourages you to hang on a tree, and become the hanged man. She inspires you to allow the God within you to navigate you. It is your true direction. 

Serenity attracts in more peace through external relationships, work environments and social scenes. 

Serenity would love to be apart of your meditation practice, and any time you feel the weight of your mind in your body. She with soothe your mind and anchor your soul into your body. 

Serenity is a obsidian Aqua Volcanic Glass pre-activated Crystal Skull and is a facilitator of the Crown Chakra. 


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