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SHALIMAR is a Female conscious Being who beautifully facilitates the Divine Feminine Energy all around her. She commands it.  Shalimar enhances beauty, youthfullness and vitality.  She is full of Life. Helps interpret dreams as well as helps facilitate wisdom & clear thinking.  Lover of wisdom, art & poetry. 

She helps with enhancing creativity and helps bring in the light. 

She is all about healing and carries within her a very high vibration. 

Brings in full potential out of a person. Vibrates positively.

Beauty Skull SHALIMAR is a handcarved soft blue agate open crown one-of-a-kind geode pre-activated Crystal Skull that weighs over 1/2 of a pound and measures 3 1/2"L 1 3/4"W  1 1/2"H.


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