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Meet Shalom🗿


An Ancient who is full of wisdom.


Having him around is like carrying a tiny spark of Source light around with you.


Shalom is kindness and invites you to spread that same kindness.


You may feel called to do humanity work, help the homeless, or support a family for the holidays. Anything to give back to the Source love that gives so selflessly to you.


Shalom reminds you to love thy neighbor and brother. You may find yourself being more friendly to people in your life and more forgiving of your family/friends.


Shalom asks you to be generous with your smiles, compliments and recognition of others accomplishments.


He also will help you heal the Ancestral trauma that has been passed down through many generations.


Shalom invites you to sit with him in meditation and do the deep inner child healings that bring the most peace to the soul.


Each morning sit with Shalom and get filled up with enough peace and love to last you the whole day. Ask for such peace that you may share it with others everywhere you go.

You will begin to notice small miracles happening in your life. They will get bigger as you recognize your gifts until you can no longer dismiss them. Your manifestation power will increase with each day.


You will find your balance of peace and joy through forgiveness. Once you embody this vibration/frequency you will notice that when you ask you receive more and more quickly. Ask for help when you need it. Ask for understanding in bothersome situations. Ask for peace to return to your heart and the healing that must be done to get there.

Forgive yourself! Then work on forgiving others and release them with love and peace. Let go of revenge or karma. Your karma is being healed and forgiven.


Cleanse Shalom in blessed waters (simply say a prayer or affirmation into the water, breathe your energy into it). Play crystal singing bowls music for Shalom. Sage Shalom when you feel you need to. Set Shalom on the Earth in meditation with you, transmuting the lower frequencies and restoring you both to a balance of peace and wellness. Also, as you sit with Shalom, send peace and love into the Earth, healing her as well.


Shalom is a pre-activated Quartz Skull weighing 3.1 ounces and measures 1 3/4" in length.


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