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Shangri-La  (Aravel's personal Skull)

Shangri-La is a Star Being that says he comes from Utopia. He comes from the “future”. He has already lived through the Earth’s Ascension and says he has come “back” to this timeline to assist where he can. He already knows what it looks like and exactly what we need. He is already on New Earth and is preparing It for us too. His skull is his way to support this transition, and hold his steady high vibration here and communicate with us. His high frequency is helping humanity and Earth to integrate their crystalline bodies a little easier. There are many like him doing the same job or ones similar and he speaks for the collective.

They are all supporting humanity right now. 

Shangri-La is a crystalline being. He is going to help with the changing from carbon to crystalline. The Earth is raising her frequency higher and higher and most have noticed there is something happening even if they don’t understand or believe in it yet. This is a cycle for the Earth and the Earth is not going to be destroyed or anything like that. The only difference in this cycle is that she is completely moving from 3D to 5D AND she wants to take as many of us with her as possible in our current bodies. We will first be crystalline on New Earth, or Utopia, and eventually evolve further into our light bodies.

If you have been feeling anxious like something is about to happen, but cant figure out what, your higher soul knows what is going on. Stay out of the fear vibration. It will only slow the process and make your time left here unpleasant. Focus on the New Earth and help to hold that vibration as you are manifesting it quicker and making the transition gentler.

People will start to prepare their bodies for the transition, not even knowing what they are doing. Those that chose to take these bodies with them are transforming from carbon based to crystalline. Their habits and likes will change. They will slowly move away from low vibrating things, like processed food, fast food, alcohol, drugs, and music that holds a low negative frequency. Foods and habits that you loved will simply not appeal to you any longer. Your diet will change and you will feel like you need less food to sustain you. You will be drawn to high vibrational things you now consume that are grown from the Earth and not made by man.

You will stop watching the programing on television and you will begin to see the truth of what has happened on Earth and what is happening. You will distance yourselves from low vibrating people as well, even close family and longtime partners. Some of humanity has already decided not to transition their body to crystalline. They may have had Karma that needed to be paid first in this life. They will leave Earth and receive their crystalline body upon incarnating to New Earth. Many people are going to start transitioning as the frequency rises, it has already begun. It will be hard for those left behind, but it is necessary. They emphasize you will see them again.

Shangri-La now wants to tell you about New Earth so that humanity can manifest it happening quicker by picturing it and dreaming about what life there could look like. Go there in Meditation, dream state and day dreaming. Your loved ones that are not going to make the transition with their body intact will meet you there. He wants you to know you will see them again. They are eagerly awaiting your arrival.

New Earth has no money system. You can manifest instantaneously anything you want. This is why only the highest vibrations are allowed here. No war, no fighting, no lies, and no competition. The vibration on New Earth is Love, joy and gratitude, for all. You will have the body you always wanted, look however you please. You will spend each day doing what you love. There is no need to work for money, there is abundance for all. You simply wish it. Each person will contribute to the society through what they love doing. If you love traveling, art, building, playing with children, singing, etc., that is how you will contribute. No one is in need of anything. Everyone has a home if they choose. Some have chosen to sleep among the trees. You may choose to live in a treehouse style home or a crystalline one, anything is possible.

Your bodies will not need food to sustain them on New Earth. You get all of your energy from the sun and Earth. You can eat if you choose, like manifest a pineapple or anything, but you will not need it to survive. Your crystalline body is lighter and you will have all of the things you call superpowers. Instantaneous manifestation, flying, teleporting, etc. You will swim breathing under water no problem and communicate with all beings, animals and trees, plants, etc. Everything is all part of the system kind of how portrayed in Avatar the movie, but not exactly. Everyone watches out for all the children and they are always safe. Your worries are no more.You can communicate telepathically and crystals are used for all sorts of things you can imagine, like to call a loved one far away, like a telephone. You come from the highest vibration here and anything you can imagine will be so.


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