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Silver Cloud

Is a 10th Dimensional Consciousness High Frequency Being.

With the spirit of nature and free of Duality. He is a very wise, ancient, and loving Being, who has been around since the birth of Gaia and has been one of her guardians.
Silver Cloud is a protective spirit. He will help you ground, and will delightfully assist you to channel Gaia’s energy to help you transmute your density. He could also help you clear distortion from your energetic field by channeling the energy of the cosmos.
This Peitersite Crystal Skull is a great companion to have when you work with the higher frequency beings channeling their messages. Ask Silver Cloud to provide you protection so that you only call unto yourself the highest of highest beings.
He is a loving Being who requests to be treated with respect and integrity. Communicate with him as much as you can. The more you open yourself to him, the closer your connection to him. Pray and cleanse him with running water and white sage. 

Silver Cloud is a Fully Activated elongated 2 1/4" length Pietersite Crystal Skull.

Silver Cloud

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