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A pre-activated one of a kind green color Howlite Skull Baby Choker with assorted beads measuring 16" with a Sterling Silver clasp. 


My name is Jade, and green is my most beloved color. In ancient Lemuria, I was a teacher and a mentor. 
I helped Lemurian people to connect with their inner light through crystals. I was a crystal expert. I assigned specific crystals for an individual to help them with their journey. 
My love for the mineral kingdom is massive, and I am excited to help you take your soul higher with the help of crystals. 
I will share with you crystals that will amplify your healing energy. I will show you crystals that will protect and cleanse your aura. I will share my knowledge of crystal properties. Together, we will explore the beautiful world of crystals.
To start with your journey, I will help you build a solid foundation and assist you in getting to know your soul and your inner light. 
I work with your heart chakra, and I will show you your powerful gifts. My main mission is to help you to fulfill your soul purpose with the help of crystals. No purpose’s too big or too small. I will help you see your worth and show you how beautiful you are.
Connect with me through meditation, and I will give you my guidance. You will be intuitively drawn to certain crystals that would bring benefits to your life. 
Don’t hesitate to ask me to help you with your journey. As your guide, I am with you to assist you anytime.

Skull Baby Choker Green -Jade

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