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Is a long serpent-like dragon. He has silver and grayish scales that shine and glitter. Smokey exists by Buddhist principles.

He is an ancient and wise being who loves to serve selflessly.

Smokey possesses powerful magic and utilizes his power for good. He assists with various things such as:

His sacred fire can help you purify your energetic field and aura.

He is also known as "The Dragon of Change".

He attracts necessary changes for your highest good.

Smokey will use his wisdom and knowledge to help you expand your consciousness.

He works with your third eye and allows you to activate your psychic abilities to benefit yourself and others.

Smokey guides and shows you life from a higher perspective.

He assists you in connecting with your soul purpose from your optimal timeline.

He protects you from lower vibrational energy and spirits.

Smokey loves to teach and spend time with you.

Meditate with him and place him near you when you are sleeping.

Offer him your gratitude and incense.

He loves to pray with you.

Cleanse him with clear spring water and sage.

Smokey is Rainbow Smokey Quartz 1 pound 2 ounces andn 3 1/2" length.


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