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Is a heavenly Angel of warmth.

She absorbes the light of the sun and utilizes it to serve the earth and its inhabitants.
She has golden hair, a bright orange halo above her head and bathes in intense golden light.
Her beautiful healing energy assists in healing your energetic body and rejuvenating your aura.
Solara works with mending your heart from sadness and grief.
As a heavenly Angel, Solara brings divine blessings, and she uplifts your frequency through love.
Solara is a nurturer and a friend. She loves to send a healing light through your crown down to your heart chakra to help you feel inner peace and joy.
Solara can also fill your space with blessings and healing energy to brighten and protect your space.
It is normal to feel a warm sensation in your heart chakra when you are connecting with Solara.
Sit in silent meditation while holding Solara close to your heart and reflect on your session after. Her energy manifests through feelings and emotions.
Charge Solara under the sunlight when you feel guided. Bathe her with clear water and prayers. Solara is a recon amber Crystal Skull.


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