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Soleil received her name because her presence brings warmth like the sun. She is a beautiful angelic spirit who shows herself in a white dress with a bright golden aura.
Soleil is a nurturing and gentle Being who works with your heart chakra. She assists you with various things such as:
Helps you with heart chakra cleansing.

Removes old wounds and restores your heart and fills it with love.
She helps to connect you with your past loved ones.

She uses this ability to help you to clear the karma you have with past loved ones.
She assists with grieving and a broken heart.
Soleil also helps you to develop your psychic gift through empathy and compassion.
She will guide you to the path of unconditional love.
To work with Soleil, you can meditate with her. Her energy manifests through feelings, emotions, and nudges.
Pray with Soleil and offer her love and gratitude.
When she needs cleansing, cleanse her with sage and water.

Soleil is a pre-activated recon amber Crystal Skull. 


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