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Male ~ Prism Ray of The Sun. 

He is a true power skull. A beacon of hope and faith. 

Solomon will find the slivers of light within you and amplify it times ten. He is an illuminator and activator of your light body and authenticity. He is perfect for grounding in your souls true essence. He softens the hardened heart. He brightens your light. 

His prismatic energy will activate more of  your crystalline DNA, and will activate reincarnation remembrances from many existences. He will appear in rainbows  

He loves to charge in the sun. Solomon aids in calling your souls fragments back to you and grounding them in. He is an ultra purifier, he even purifies the air flow of where he is placed. 

Solomon is a facilitator of the entire Chakra System. 

Weighs approximately 7 lbs and is a Clear Quartz point pre-activated Crystal Skull.


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