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I am a multidimensional being that originated from the Lyra constellation. I watched over my community, and I work with the Galactic Federation because I am one of the elders.

I am a tall female being with long limbs. I have pale skin and large black eyes. I can travel to different dimensions and realms with ease because of my ability.

My specialty is to open a portal. My portal knows no bounds. It can show you your past life and your future reincarnations. It can take you to different dimensions and planes.

You may refer to me as the Divine Portal keeper, or you can call me by my name which is Sona. It means wisdom.

Indeed, I have a wealth of knowledge I could share with you. I can be your teacher, guide, protector, or friend.

If you are drawn to me, it is because I am one of your star family. I am your elder and your ancestor.

I can assist you in getting to know your essence to the deepest layer.

I can help with your current reincarnation by helping you to find your true purpose. I will help you with your mission as a Starseed.

I will protect you from distraction so you can stay on your path and focus on your growth.  I will guide you according to your soul’s plans.

Wear me and keep me close to you. I will talk to you on the astral plane and your dreams.

Sona is a pre-activated Jasper Crystal Skull 108 Japa mala made with moonstone and jasper beads througout. 


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