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The wise one with a kind heart.

She appears with wavy blond hair, and a bright golden orb shining from her heart center. 

She originated from 11th century Italy. Born from a wealthy family, Sophia chose knowledge and serving others over her luxurious life.

Sophia works closely with the heart chakra. Her kind heart holds a safe space for your deep emotional healing. Sophia’s gold energy brings you comfort and courage when you need to leap to the unknown. Her presence brings balance and harmony so your soul and mind can work together in harmony. Sophia assists with cultivating more compassion towards yourself and other people. One of her main specialties is to help you let go of judgment. She also reminds you to act from a place of love to keep your karma clear.
Connect with her anytime you wish, when you need council or when you need support. Sophia is always available to provide you with comfort and affection.

Sophia also likes to communicate with you through visions and thoughts. She will be your counselor, your teacher, and your friend.
To bring your connection closer, spend some time doing things that light up your heart while wearing Sophia.
Cleanse Sophia with running water. 

Sophia is a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull 108 Japa Mala made with Quartz Amethyst and 925 Silver hardware. 


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