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Zeharrah ⚱️

Female. An Egyptian Pharroh.

An activator of primal divine femininity. 

Zeharrah’s energy is laced with gold, and awakens your golden light of desire. She activates your innate wild goddess of Ancient Earth, and allows you to root into this embodiment. 

Zeharrah encourages you to feel into your primal energies and allow them to flow through you. These primal energies are the foundation of who you are, and you’re ready to unlock them for your evolution. 

Zeharrah creates a safe environment for you to unleash this innate version of you into your world. She is a provider of passion and divine inevitability. 

She attracts abundance through your desires. 

Zeharrah is a facilitator of the Sacral + Third Eye Chakra. 


Sorrento the Lemon Tree Citrine Crystal Skull Custom Handmade Ring hand-manufactured in 14K Rose Gold with 10 round brilliant full cut diamonds weighing .27carat of VS1,2 clarity and G in color with two natural pink oval Sapphires weighing approximately .78 carats total. Size 5


Full Reading....almost completed.

Sorrento & Zeharrah

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