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SPECTOR is pure spirit. He is powerful when using him for Shadow work.

Visions, aparitions - deep into the mind.  Deepens enlightenment.  Materializing and reality.  Helps to level up your awakening.  Tunes all chakras.  Facilitates communication with past self, past lives and past loved ones.  Life / Death bridging. Self accepting.  Non judgemental.  A tool to reflect your spirit self.   Note:  Very serious practitioner. Encounters face to face with your spirit self.  Must keep this one clean it absorbs negative energy.  (SEE how to Clean Crystal Skulls on INFO section).

Spector is a Lemurian Quartz Crystal carved by a Brazillian cutter named "Carlos", he weighs 14 3/4 oz and measures 3"L  2"W and 2 1/4"H.



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