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Sphinx is a half Lion and half winged Eagle he’s your Egyptian Lover!

Sphinx is a powerful, symbol of wisdom and does have a very protective, but loving energy towards his keeper.

He enjoys going everywhere you do and especially when your traveling. Sphinx will service you by bringing protection, revelation’s, and truth.

He is very lucky his energy will draw prosperity and wealth to your life.

Sphinx will encourage you to take control of your time, but still making sure you take time for relaxing and rejuvenation of your mind body and Spirit. 

Wearing Sphinx will help sharpen your intuition, and also just brighten your day!

Work with Sphinx in the morning’s, this starts your day off on the most positive note. 

Set the most positive intentions or a goal you’d like to reach.

Writing one intention down a day will help with clear vision and build confidence. 

Sphinx is the facilitator of the Third Eye Chakra. He is a pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skull set with Citrine eyes and set on a handmade Silver ring in a size 7 3/4 that can be sized moderately and included in the price. 


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