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Is a Crystalline Being that is working in the healing domes on the New Earth. He is preparing for humanity to shift. Those that have sufficient frequency, but are not quite there yet will be taken to the healing domes. This is where the quartz crystals send frequencies through the body, allowing it to heal itself. The quartz crystal's frequency enters each cell and clears it out, resetting the original frequency of homeostasis.

Star is so eager for the transition that he wants to help humanity get there faster.

Star will help you prepare your body for New Earth. He will show you how to raise your frequency. He may show you videos or books, or you will just have a sense you should or shouldn’t do something.

You will change your lifestyle. Gradually doing different things and consuming higher vibrational things, until one day you look back and you realize you have come so far.

You may start wishing things that you never thought of and really picturing it. For example, what if there was no disease or war? What if Earth was a peaceful cooperative place?

You may start dreaming of such a place. You may actually be traveling there in your light body during dream time. You may want to start sharing what you have seen or imagined with others, causing them to imagine it too, actually creating it faster.

You may be a Starseed. You may have come here just for this, to be woken up at this time so you can join in the transition from 3D to 5D Earth.

Star will take you to theses places in meditation as well. You will begin to create your life on the New Earth by imagining what you want it to look like.

Star will help you transform your carbon body to your crystalline one necessary for New Earth. If you have any health issues Star wants to show you how to raise your frequency, saturating your cells with source light and healing them one by one.

Star may have you purge things out of your life. Such as, clutter and old belongings that hold a lower frequency attached to them. Things that you no longer need where you are going. The clutter is blocking the new energy from coming in and causing stagnant energy, which you may have felt.

Star will awaken your inner knowing and remind you of these things you already know and have seen. Awakening your soul and your soul purpose.

Star may introduce you to sound healing and clearing. You may feel drawn to the crystal singing bowls and bells.

Star can be cleansed and recharged by high frequencies like 963 hertz or crystal singing bowls. You can also rinse him with water or sage smoke to clear energy he has picked up.

Star is a Supreme Quality Clear Crystal Quartz High Definition Optical Crystal Skull measuring 2 1/2"L  1 3/4"W  2 1/2"H and weighing 9.8 ounces.


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