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Star Dust is a little 9th density Light Energy Being. Taking form as a dragonfly or fairy to show herself to you. She is pink with gold sparkles and tiny twinkling lights. Star Dust activates your heart chakra and opens it to new experiences and new loves. She will flood you with joy when you hold her or wear her. Star Dust enhances your intuition and sparks your creativity. She inspires and lights a fire in your heart allowing you to follow your joy and see where it takes you, for with her the possibilities are endless. Star Dust reminds you to wish upon a star and start manifesting what you have only dreamed of. The number 9 is sacred to her and you will start seeing them everywhere, and in multiples like 999. Nine represents endings of cycles and things no longer serving your greatest good. With this brings brand new beginnings and opportunities for a whole new life. She reminds you that if you want it you can create it. Simply wish upon your little star. She will have your mind wandering out of this world and new ideas just popping into your head. Opportunities for you to shine and show your abilities and creativity will seem like they just fall into your lap.

Cleanse her with incense smoke or sage when called. She is extremely high vibrational and shouldn’t need cleansing very often. Follow you intuition, she will let you know when she needs it.

StarDust is a pre-activated titanium coated Crystal Skull created as a 108Japa Mala with Citrine Turquoise beads.

Star Dust

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