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My name is Maura, and it means “Star of the Sea.”

I am a guardian Angel of Healing.

My presence arrives accompanied by a gentle breeze that sends a peaceful feeling into your heart.

Please take a deep breath, inhale the divine energy, and I invite you to expand your awareness and see me with your mind’s eye.

I will communicate with you through vision. You will see my form through your third eye. You will see me standing, in my white dress and my long white hair blowing in the wind. I will wait for you in the field of flowers with an open arm to welcome you.

I will bathe you with my bright white light to heal you and uplift your frequency.

I will open your crown chakra and shower you with unconditional love from heaven.

I will activate your light body.

I will send a healing frequency that will awaken your channel and expand your intuition.

I will guard you and surround you and your family with light.

Connect with me through gratitude, and I will help you grow spiritually.

I am an optical clear quartz skull measuring 1 1/2 inches.


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