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loves astrology and the stars. She will have you dreaming of far away places and wanting to figure out your persona, birth astrological mapping.

Stargazer works with your first eye and crown chakras. She shoots little lightening bolts of energy into your field and third eye. Clearing your third eye and restoring it to full power eventually. It is a process well worth it.

Stargazer is attracted to dreamers, creators, artists and revolutionaries. She wants to help ignite your passions and imagination. She will help you see everything from outside the box. Show you things and places you have never imagined, which will spark even more ideas and creativity inside you. She wants you to shoot for the stars without a care or worry where you might land. Stargazer is full of optimism and possibilities, as you will be also, working with her.

Stargazer is all about change and the future. She dislikes stagnant energy and will break it up as she comes across it. She is always thinking of the next best thing and creation. She reminds you that the only thing guaranteed on Earth is Change. She will teach you how to embrace it instead of fear it. You will see that the Universe does indeed conspire for you, not against you, and that you control all of it.

Stargazer wants to push your imagination as far as she can. Showing you just what a magical creator being you truly are.

Sit in meditation with Stargazer and tell her where you would like her help. Ask her to show you new ideas and places. Hold her to your first eye and let her work her magic. Sleep with her, or with her nearby, and she will take you on trips to places only dreamed of. You may get headaches in your first eye, in the center of your head. This is your first eye clearing and sending out a clear signal. It feels irritating because you aren’t used to it yet. As you become more aware of your higher vibrations they will no longer be uncomfortable. Let your body integrate the energies. Magnesium will help.

Cleanse Stargazer in the moonlight and sunlight. Only a few minutes in the sun is plenty or she may fade in color. Run water over her or in rain, river, or ocean water. Set her in the window at night sometimes so she can gaze at the stars under the moon or sit outside with her if you feel so called. Sage will cleanse her also.


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