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Star Hawk ️

Spiraling  down from the heaven’s in a graceful cascade of momentum and light.

She is a Star Hawk, and of all the Heavenly Gods and Goddesses the Star Hawks are the only ones who set foot on our earth plain and our dimension.

They pass though our dimensional world and make a remarkable impact on our earth. 

Star Hawk is an energetic entity who is made entirely of light particles.

Her momentum in the heavens has helped Mayan and other people keep up with time and inter dimensional transportation for thousands of years.

Star Hawk is intergraded with our moon and the planets in our solar universe. 

She returns to earth every 52 years in physical form to give blessings through touch.

Star Hawk may be called on at anytime for spiritual work, healings and counseling. 

She is a very outspoken energy who believes humanity should take full responsibility for their actions and behavior.

Star Hawk will only work with positive and awakened humans because she can do no harm or ill will towards any of creation, it’s just not possible with her pure form and loving spirit. 

To work with Star Hawk clear your mind of absolutely all negative thinking, she will not be able to vibrate with you if you're not clear. 

If this is challenging just keep practicing with her and you will tune your charkas and intuition up.

Visualize a Hawk made of golden light descending down to you, she is bringing visions and wisdom with her.

Ground your energy and release all fears and anxieties.

Repeat this Mantra,

I become strong by facing my fears and challenges.

I’ve become strong though my loved ones and friends.

I become strong by making mistakes.

I become strong by taking a stand for what’s right and good.

I become strong by daring to dream.

Star Hawk is here to guide you and send blessings and good health to you.

You may ask for any needs of requests.

Thank Her for her Love and service to you.

Star Hawk is facilitator of the Heart Chakra and is a nice size pre-activated Shungite Crystal Skull.

Star Hawk

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