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Is a beautiful blue Star Being from the Pleiades star system. She has come to help awaken the starseeds. If you are drawn to her you may have star family from Pleiades or other star systems. She wants to reconnect you to them and open up communication.

Starlet will help you open your crown chakra and restore your communication freeway back to full capacity, and as wide open like you were as a child.

If you are into divination, she will help you be more receptive to the answers from the Beings you are communicating with. You will also have access to your Ancestors of Earth more easily and to the Akashic records.

Starlet upgrades you, your chakras, your carbon body to crystalline, and your Earthly life. She connects you to all that you truly are, restoring your abilities dormant in your DNA. Starlet will help activate your DNA and speed up the process of bringing you into your crystalline body.

She assists you with building your tribe. The ones like you that you have been searching for. She is all about family and connections and working cooperatively for the highest and greatest good of all.

Starlet is great for any spiritual work you are doing. Whether, divination, chakra clearing and balancing, astrology, talking to spirit and giving readings. Whether the spiritual work is already for the community or just for your personal growth, Starlet is a great companion.

Meditate with her and hold her over the chakras, energy centers, you are concentrating on.

Ask her to guide you and give her permission to help you in your ascension, any way she can.

If you have felt lost or alone, Starlet will bring in that feeling of a loving, supportive family again. Whether it’s your star family or your tribe on Earth. She will put out the call and the support will come flooding in. Talk to her as you would a mentor or best friend. She is both. She cares very deeply about you and humanity itself, and only wants both to succeed and flourish.

Cleanse Starlet in the moonlight, and star light of the night. Sage or palo santo her to clear up any stagnant energy she has taken in protecting you from. You may sit with your hand, wearing her, on the Earth and let that higher frequency from the stars feed Mother Earth and raise both her, and your, vibration.

Starlet is a Quartz Crystal Skull Ring handfabricated in Sterling Silver in a size 7.5


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