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Subterranean Healer

Assists you in building stronger connections with Mother Gaia and your ancestors. These connections help you ground more deeply and give you the ability to receive guidance from your ancestors. Subterranean Healer will help your energy body anchor into the crystalline grid deep in the earth's belly and will assist you in healing your energy transmuting any dense energy you may have in your system. The crystalline grid also helps awaken your light body and assists your physical body in adjusting to receiving more light and ascension codes.
Subterranean Healer's primary specialty is to help you achieve mental focus and clarity through meditation and solitude.
Spend time meditating with Subterranean Healer without expectations as he will gently guide you to be present in every step of your journey.
Give him your gratitude and place him on the soil when you feel called. Cleanse him with sage and water.

SH is a pre-activated Lapis Lazuli Crystal Skull.


Addition information:

Subterranean Healer spent his lifetime living in the ancient underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey. This ancient city extended over 80 meters underground and was large enough for 20,000 people to live in.
Subterranean Healer was a gifted man who thrived, spending his time underground in solitude. Subterranean Healer knew the language of Gaia, and he was connected deeply to Gaia.
He shows himself as a skinny older man with a long beard. He has a light blue aura and a peaceful presence. Is a quiet spirit who prefers to communicate with you through visions.


Subterranean Healer

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