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Online Full Activation is included with this Skull. 


Sumac is a natural pathic herbalist and a botanical healer.

She is a blend of Learned sciences and Spiritual wisdom.

She would encourage her keeper to study this ancient and beautiful art of healing and wellness.

Sumac comes from a Norse lineage, and has been in a continuous looping cycle of conscious forms.

Sumac’s intention is help humanity be as well as possible. Living a longer active life without dependency on pharmaceuticals.

Sumac would encourage healthy diet, sleeping well, exercise and holistic well-being like meditation, Yoga, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

To work with Sumac begin to educate yourself firstly with the powerful remedy of her mother plant the Sumac!

Begin a study with her and the powerful potential of plants!

She would like you to check in with her, like a health coach and maybe keep a journal on her altar.

Study and meditate with Sumac She will change your life and the lives of others.

Sumac is the facilitator of the root chakra. Sumac weighs slightly under 3lbs and is a rare Ocean Jasper coloration 5"L 4"W 4"H


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