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Is a Beautiful Extraterrestrial Being from Andromeda.

She appears as a golden female with a bright golden aura.

Sunburst is a shadow worker that works with and through your heart chakra.

She assists with helping you to embrace and love all aspects of yourself, including your shadows.

Allow her hold space for your shadows so you can come back to yourself fully without missing any aspect of yourself.
To connect with Sunburst, sit down comfortably and place your hand in your heart while you wear Sunburst. Breathe in her golden light and allow her beautiful energy to enter your heart chakra. Let go of any expectations and surrender to the process of healing. She will let you know when the session is over and offer her your gratitude.
Wear Sunburst as much as you can to get acclimated with her energy. Cleanse her with sage and loving intention. Sunburst is a pre-activated Rose Quartz Crystal Skull that is mounted on a handcrafted Sterling Silver Ring in size 6.5.  Moderate sizing up or down is included for no extra charge. 


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