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Is a high-frequency star being. She appears as bluish-white energy with the outline of a female. She radiates white sparkles.
SuperNova is a Healer. She uses her powerful energy to cleanse, heal, and restore all of your seven chakras as well as restore your aura. She will also assist you in releasing traumas, pain, and other people’s expectations from your energetic field so you can embody the authentic you.
There are many ways to work with SuperNova. You can work with her while you sit down in a bath when you are ready to go to sleep or do an energy healing on yourself. Hold her close to you and do slow breathing exercises. Inhale and exhale slowly. Envision her bluish-white energy entering from your crown chakra to your root chakra. Let the abundance of her energy envelope your aura as well. Be open to receive her energy and breathe through the session to help you release old energy that is not serving you anymore. Let her energy fill your heart with light and joy. Let go of your expectations and thank her after the session. To work with her before your bedtime, you can lay down comfortably while holding her close to you and repeat the steps until you fall asleep peacefully. Write down your experience if you have vivid dreams to help you understand the messages you receive.
Place her close to you if you receive energetic healing from other people or yourself because Super Nova will boost the healing power.
Cleanse her with water and sage and give her your love.

Super Nova is a pre-activated 2" length titanium coated Glass Crystal Skull.

Super Nova

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