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I am an ancient elder Pleiadian from the Alcyone Star.

I lived in a time when the universe looked different than the universe you know today. Many civilizations and races had since vanished and perished.

As I continued my soul journey through time and space, I absorbed knowledge and wisdom.

Beings like me exist outside of space and time, and we can yield massive power, but we know power and greed serve us no purpose.

Please call me Supernova. I will be your elder who will guide you with your soul’s journey.

A glimpse is all I need to take a look at your soul. I can see the ebb and flow of your consciousness and your essence.

Take my hand and follow me as we dive deep into your soul.

We will explore your past lives to see which repeating cycles are still haunting you so we may release and let them go with love.

We will peek at your present and future timelines to learn about your journey.

Just like the universe, your soul continues to expand. The soul's journey comes with ups and downs, and I will show you how to embrace it all and use it for your betterment.

I will assist you in strengthening your connection with the Supreme One. I will hold the space while your soul is going through a transformation, and I will help you embrace the new you. I will show you how far you’ve come and celebrate your achievements with you.

Supernova is a is a pre-activated black Shungite Crystal Skull weighing 12 ounces and measuring 2"W3 1/2"L 2 1/2"H.


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