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Tana is a Fire Dragon she is extremely ambitious, wise and driven by service and success. 

Tana is a hard worker and very respected by her dragon peers for all her amazing skills. 

Some of these skill include communicating to others (mediation) for the betterment of the group, compassionate service to others, building homes, and teaching job skills to human kind and dragons alike. 

Fire Dragon’s have the ability to be a very good leaders when given the chance and will accomplish many things when in charge. (Just let her know exactly what you need from her) 

Tana listens to other peoples advice but makes her own decisions after careful consideration.

Tana is a strategist willing to help you plan some of your own potential goals to manifest in the near future. (Only when asked specifically)

Tana will remind you to allow others to help and try to be more open to other opinion’s while remaining steadfast on your personal core beliefs.

Tana would encourage you to do good work in service to others with some aspect of your life. 

One of the perks of care taking Tana is she has a very passionate Heart and will attract a lot of love and true friendship into your life.

Tana is also a protective energy to frighten off and negative energies or ill intentions.

To work with Tana call her in by her name and clear your mind of and stress or mental chatter.

Sit in meditation with her and see the beautiful flame aura surrounding your Guardian Dragon.

Tell her about your dreams, goals or challenges, asking for her service and positive vibrations to meet your needs.

You may ask for any healings you might need.

Then release any attachment’s and Thank Tana for her service. 

Tana is facilitator of the Root Chaka and will help strengthen the Heart Chakra.

Tana is a pre-activated Titaniam coated Glass 3" Glass Crystal Skull.


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