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Is an herbalist and knows all the secrets to the plant kingdom.

Tarragon wants to be carried with you always in a purse or pocket.

Tarragon has a sweet and upbeat energy and spreads joy wherever she goes. She will uplift your mood and bring blessings into your path simply by raising the vibration.

If you love to cook or want to learn she would be a great ally. She knows what herbs work well together.

She also knows the herbs/plants magical and medicinal properties. She reads their vibration and passes the information along to you through confirmations and a sudden inner knowing you get when you ask a question.

Tarragon is a healer. She uses vibration and plant medicine to heal.

You do not even need to ingest the herbs or plants in some cases, just absorb their vibration as you prepare them together, breathe them in, or use them in a bath.

Meditate with Tarragon and ask her to show you anything you want to know about the plant kingdom. Ask her what you need to heal your body or frequency. This may mean cutting certain things out of your diet or surroundings also. Follow the intuition you get when she is with you and while you are picking out plants, herbs or food.

She will whisper in your ear. The more you work with her the more familiar this will become.

Cleanse Taragon with Sage and Palo Santo. Rinse her in running water and set her on the Earth or in a plant in your space when she is not with you. You may also put lavender in a small bowl and set her in it. That is just a gift to her to say thank you. Tarragon is a pre-activated 2” Shungite Crystal Skull.


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