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Is a Sacred Buffalo Spirit.

Buffalos were originally placed here by the Great Sky Spirit to sustain life, helping keep native people alive.

Buffalo spirit was revered as sacred and even honored and celebrated.

Celebrations of gratitude are very, very powerful and reverberate eternally.

Tatanka’s sacred vibration sends messages of gratitude, thankfulness, and the joy that comes from living a life of abundance and blessings.

Tatanka teaches living a life of gratitude and less worry, how to have faith expecting the abundance that will migrate soon into your life.

This practice is all about faith pairing with actions. 

Tatanka will help you determine when you will need to stand your ground and self protect.

He will help you focus on your strengths and to forge forward knowing you have the strength you need to make things happen or to handle a given situation or course of action.

Tatanka may be helpful for saving money and management of financial situations

He may suggest tightening your belt and your wallet to save for where abundance is transitional in life.

If you’d like more incitement on this - sit with Tatanka in meditation for clarity and instructions.

Wear Tatanka giving thanks to everything positive in your life and you will naturally attract more good vibes.

Tatanka is the facilitator of the Heart Chakra his lucky number is 9.

He is a pre-activated special and unique Turquoise Skull made in a 108 Japa Mala in Sterling Silver with Turquoise and Bronzite beads. 


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