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Is an Enlightened consciousness that originated from the Alpha Centauri star system.

Tawanna lived in an ancient and advanced civilization where technology was perfectly balanced with spirituality.

She helps you connect with that balanced energy…with her primary mission to help your soul achieve a fulfilling life inside and out.

The lessons she mastered make her a great teacher to guide you towards your soul’s ascension and helps activate your soul’s light.

Tawanna assists with deep subconscious shadows, bringing them to the surface to help you heal them.

She also helps you ascend through good karma and will awaken your soul’s mission, showing you that you have an essential part to do to assist Gaia with her ascension.

Tawanna will help you dismantle limiting beliefs, and will give you the courage to embody your light unapologetically.

Tawanna also helps you unlock your Akashic records in order to assist you to heal and close karmic cycles from the space of love and acceptance.

Connect with Tawanna through meditation and also know that she might show herself on the astral and or visit you in your dream.

Place Tawanna outside at night when you feel guided.

Cleanse her with water and sage.

Tawanna is a pre-activated 2"L elongated Nummite Crystal Skull.


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