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Tesla says he can help you to raise your own frequency/vibration and learn to hold it there so it doesn’t keep dipping lower than that. Allowing you to climb the frequency ladder without falling back a rung. If all you do is balance your own energy it will still affect the Earth in tremendously helpful ways.


Tesla is very much tied into the Earth energy grid. He would love to work with you to raise the frequency of the entire Earth. He would also love it if you would take him to energy points at certain areas of Earth in order to raise and stabilize the frequency there. If you travel he will make a great companion. Please take him with you when you travel.

In meditation he will show you how all this works and answer any other scientific or energetic questions you have. Just ask. He moves so fast from subject to subject that you need to remind him where you were going with your questions. He just has a lot of wisdom that he wants to share.


Hold him at your heart when you feel down or overwhelmed, and ask him to help raise your love frequency. Bringing in self love, love of others and Mother Earth.

Hold him in your lap near your root chakra and ask for help when you need cleansing or grounding. When you feel your energy surging very high through you, ground that into the Earth by sitting on her. This will establish a strong connection between you and Mother Earth and allow her to refresh you with negative ions. Walk barefoot upon her.

Sit under a tree and meditate with Tesla. When you feel good your energy will go up the tree limbs and spread out across the land, as well as down its roots into the Earth.

Tesla wants to teach and show you about energy and how to manipulate it. Some call it magic, but it’s just science. Once you have a handle on your own energy field/frequency you can accomplish anything you set your energy towards. Manifesting becomes as easy as a thought with some positive emotion behind it.

Cleanse Tesla on the Earth, set him by a tree or by a plant in your space. Run water over him to cleanse him and you may also sage him or set him on a small plate of salt.

Tesla is a Fully-Activated detailed carved 2” TigerEye Crystal Skull.


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