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Is an Aztec god that ruled over the sun and appears in the life of people with courage and pure heart. If you are drawn to his energy, you are ready to ignite the fire within your soul. He will light your fire and boost your prana energy, connecting with him will open your life force energy channel, this is energy that you can utilize for many purposes in your spiritual journey. He uses the sun energy to open up your energy channels that help heal your chakras. He also assists in opening your third eye. 

Invite his energy in when you are working on expanding your psychic gifts. He assists with tarot card reading and opens your awareness to feeling energies around you. 

Call on Tezcatlipoca when you need him to bestow courage to go after your life dreams and manifestation work. He loves to spend time under the sun. Open your heart to interact with his energy, and he will make his presence known through signs and deep knowing.

More Information: 

He shows himself as a giant spotted jaguar. He speaks with a deep booming voice, emanating a bright golden aura. He represents courage, divination, beauty, and light sorcery.

Tezcatlipoca is a Tiger Eye 108 Japa Crystal Skull Mala. Pictures coming soon. 


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