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I am an elemental water being that manifests in the form of a giant purple tortoise.
You may call me the Ancient One or the Wise One. I have been around long before humanity started their journeys.
I have seen many souls reincarnating in repeating cycles, and I have watched many humans succeed and fail.
You may think of me as your mentor—a mentor who is helping and watching over your soul growth.
Our bond will be a long-term bond. If you need advice or knowledge, I will be happy to share this with you.
Allow me to assist you in awakening your psychic abilities. I want to help you align with the highest version of yourself.
When I connect with you, I will access your Akashic Records, and I will show it to you through your third eye.
I will help you utilize and cultivate your gifts from your past lives and use those for your benefit.
As your guide, I will direct you to the highest path available for you while still honoring your free will to create your journey.


The Ancient One is a pre-activated Amethyst Quartz Skull 108 Japa Mala made with Brazillian Amethyst Quartz and Garnet beads 28" in length.

The Ancient One

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