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The Council

Is a multidimensional extraterrestrial consciousness Being.

The Council is from the planet Saturn and originated from the Zeta Reticuli star system. She was an ambassador who served in the council amongst other extraterrestrial consciousness Beings.
Like her name, she operates from a higher perspective and possesses a wealth of knowledge of the universe.
The Council is a teacher and a guide. She works with your higher self to uplift your energy and frequency.
Her energy enables you to uplift the energy of people around you as well.
The Council assists you with activating your soul’s wisdom and direct you to the highest timeline.
She works with your crown chakra and know that it is normal to feel a tingling or cold sensation on your crown chakra when you are connecting with her. The Council brings the light codes from multiple Star families and utilizes those codes to help with your ascension. 
Spend time in quiet meditation to connect with The Council. Journal your session to help you integrate the insight you receive from her.
Call on The Council for her assistance anytime you need her. Give her your gratitude and love.

The Council is a Fully-Activated recon Amber Crystal Skull.

The Council

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