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I am a consciousness that resides in the 8th dimension.

I am a being of light, and you can call me The Illuminator. I am a teacher and a guide who will help you raise your frequency and ascend higher.

I am masculine energy who will protect and hold a sacred space for you taking a form of a tall man with a blue aura.

I connect through your light body. I will activate your light body and tune all of your chakras and channels to assist your spiritual growth.

I will shine light into your darkness and bring you clarity and will assist you with shadow work and help you to integrate your lessons.

My guidance will assist you in your journey through the dark night of your soul, and I will give you higher perspectives to help your life flow smoother.

I will help you to transmute dense energy from your body and release them with love and gratitude.

With my assistance, you will go through tremendous spiritual growth.

Connect with me through silent meditation, and you will hear my guidance in your heart and mind, for I will help your heart and mind flow harmoniously together.


Fully Activated 11ounces of 3" size Black Shungite Crystal Skull 

The Illuminator

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