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The Magician✨

He understands magic/energy and knows how to use it.

The Magician shows you that all you need to manifest is already inside of you. It is fun to buy all of the pretty magical things, but all you need to manifest is you, your intention and undivided attention.

The Magician intends to show you how energy works and how you can manipulate the energy around you and inside of you. You are a magician as well, you just need more practice. Welcome to Hogwarts!

The Magician helps out with opening your third eye and shows you that it is not only for receiving images or seeing spirit, but that you can project the energy out through it, affecting things around you.

The Magician wants to meditate with you often and prefers you create a daily practice and really consider it like a class where you learn magic or to manipulate energy, whichever you prefer to call it. He wants to teach you many things, but it will take effort and practice on your part. Are you ready to be his student?The Magician can teach you how to read energy, heal with frequency(energy), and physically affect the things around you. Moving objects, reading others thoughts, tapping into the Akashic records of someone, etc. The possibilities are endless, as everything is energy/frequency.

The Magician says this will take true concentrated effort on your part, but that if you feel called to him, then you are ready. The choice is up to you how much you learn.

He will teach you how to manifest and create what seem to be miracles. Synchronicities that seem impossible, yet are right here in front of you. It is all simply the manipulation of energy. You are a creator being and your soul already knows how to do all of this. He is simply reminding you of your power and telling you it is time to put in the work.

You may be an energy healer, or feel called to the modality. You may read tarot, astrology, be a medium, etc and The Magician has come in to escort you to the next level of your training. You may be just starting to realize your power and have called him to you. No matter where you are on your ascension, the timing is perfect.

Meditate with The Magician and tell him your interests at the moment. What are you feeling drawn to right now? That is where you should start. Set the intention to learn it and ask The Magician to teach/show you. Then practice, practice, practice.

Cleanse him in the sunlight. He loves the Sun. You can sage him also or set him on the Earth. Meditate with him sitting in the energy of the Sun and see how powerful that feels. You can draw in and use that energy to boost yours, all while cleansing and recharging both of you.

The Magician is a pre-activated Pyrite Crystal Skyll weighing 1 pound and 13 ounces and measuring 3 1/2"L 2 1/2"W 2 1/2"H.

The Magician

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