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The Nobles 

The Nobles show you your soul’s purpose. They can and will assist you with your divine Union, a union between you and your soul. Together they gently guide you to take charge of your life by helping you heal generational traumas, your inner child, and your shadows. 

They vow to assist bringing harmony into your life and show you how to flow harmoniously with your earthly life and spiritual life. 

The Nobles show you important aspects of yourself you need to meet and integrate in order to have a successful union to embody your highestself and achieve your highest timeline. 

When you connect with them, set the intention to work with both of them. Sit down in meditation and place each on your right and left or your front and back.  Their energy manifests through visions and thoughts. 

Cleanse The Nobles with water and place them on the soil when you feel called. Offer them your sincere gratitude.

The nobles are two pre-activated Amethyst Crystal Skulls measuring about 2" length each. 


More information:


They originally came from ancient Scotland. These two skulls were husband and wife. The husband was a Lord who ruled small communities. The Lady, his wife, accompanied him. As a Twin-flame couple, they devoted their lives to making sure the people in their community lived with prosperity. The Lord shows himself as a tall man with a dark beard and hair about shoulder length. The Lady shows herself as a beautiful slender female wearing a long white dress and sporting long, wavy blonde hair.

The Nobles

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