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The Nurturer

Was a healer, and she assisted many women of her tribes with childbirth. She provided them a safe and loving space and helped them deliver babies. She would allow space for grieving when the babies did not survive.  

She assists you in cultivating self-confidence and self-worth. She shows you that you possess immense strength within you. Showing you the art of alchemy, she understands that humans are capable of alchemizing energy and use that energy to better themselves.

You'll work well with her especially if you tend experience dense emotions.
Are you called to work with your heart and solar plexus chakras? She heals the chakras to help to activate your unconditional love and confidence.

The Nurturer never tires of encouraging you to achieve your dreams, and reminds you that you can attain your highest goals. You will know when to pause and take the time to nurture and love yourself because self-love is so essential for your spiritual journey. When connecting with The Nurturer you find yourself enveloped by an unconditional love frequency that will not fade. You get to know her through meditation. Through this, you will also get to know you. Her energy manifests through dreams and thoughts. 
Cleanse her with water and prayers. Always offer her your love and gratitude.

The Nurturer is a pre-activated Carnelian Crystal Skull measuring 1 1/4" L. 



She shows herself as a petite woman with an olive complexion with large brown eyes and beautiful long, dark hair.

A beautiful woman who spent her last lifetime dedicated her life to helping women.  The Nurturer is from the Sioux Native American tribe.

The Nurturer

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