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The large white skull is the oldest sister, and her name is Marsha.

Marsha specializes in working with the heart chakra assisting in expanding your heart chakra and removing your heart walls that can harden your heart. Marsha utilizes unconditional love frequency to help you clear your karma through serving others from the space of love.

The smaller white skull is the second sister, and her name is Sasha.

Sasha was the caretaker of her sisters. She was the one who reminded her two sisters to love themselves and always put themselves first.

Sasha assists with self-love and boundaries. She will remind you to always put yourself first and set the boundaries from the space of love instead of fear.

The small turquoise skull is the youngest sister, and her name is Misha.

Misha was a gifted medium. She helped others through energy healing work.

Misha works with your third eye. She will assist you in developing your intuition and your psychic ability. She helps in healing you with energy healing.

These three sisters are ready to help you to embody your highest self.

Wear them as often as you wish, and if you want to connect deeper, you can meditate with them. Their energy manifests through realizations and awareness.

Never separate these sisters. Connect with them with an open heart and give them your gratitude. Cleanse them with sage.


Trilogy is a very special mala. These three skulls are sisters who lived in Russia in the early 1900s. They were kind-hearted sisters who devoted their lives serving others through love. These sisters loved the grandfather clock that they inherited from their grandmother. This grandfather clock witnessed the countless hours these three sisters spent helping others.

They are sisters and it was a clock heirloom that tied them all together.


Trilogy is made on an adjustable leather, sustainably sourced bone, with two handcarved Skulls and one hand carved turquoise skull with multicolored assorted beads. 


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