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The Seer is gifted with sight.

He is an intergalactic consciousness that is serves through a crystal skull.

He shows his form as a tall and slender masculine being.
His eyes emit bright white light, and he has a purple aura.
The Seer is a spiritual teacher and guide.
He assists with various things:
He clears your channel and helps you to tap into the knowledge of our universe.
The Seer assists you with tarot reading and general psychic readings.
He works with your crown and third eye chakras assisting in the opening and utilization of these chakras to level up your psychic abilities.
The Seer speaks various galactic languages, and he helps integrate solar codes for your benefit.
He also assists in building stronger connections with your spirit guides.
To work with The Seer, sit down and meditate with him with an open heart. Let go of your expectations.
He loves incense and sound frequency. Play sound frequency you feel called to and let The Seer takes you on a journey.
His energy manifest through visions, dreams, and deep knowing.
The Seer favors those who are earnest and love to learn.

He is a pre-activated amethyst Crystal Skull measuring 2"and weighing 1/5 of a pound.

The Seer

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