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Scholar, Mentor, Teacher and worshiper of Thoth.

Thebes appears as a male spirit Being wearing a simple white robe.
Thebes' specialty assists you to connect with your highest self.

He helps you with finding the wisdom of your soul.

He also faciliates the healing of your throat chakra so you can express your truth freely. Thebes shares his knowledge and wisdom selflessly.

Think of him as a mentor or teacher of higher wisdom, light and consciousness. 
To work with Thebes, make yourself comfortable and sit down and do a silent meditation while wearing him. Do deep breathing exercise until you feel grounded. Envision his golden light enter your throat chakra. Breathe it in and release any blockage or stagnant energy when you exhale. Let go of your expectations and be open to receive his energy.
Journal your session after to help you gain insight and wisdom from your highest self and Thebes.
Offer him incense and gratitude. Please place a small picture of Thoth close to where you place Thebes. Cleanse him with sage and love.

Thebes is a pre-activated Kambaba Jasper 108Japa Mala made with Rainbow Labradorite and Black Obsidian with 925 silver hardware. 


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