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The Elf.
Thingol's specialty is to provide protection for his Skull Guardian/Keeper.
Thingol will protect you against dark energy, dark entities, and dark magic. Wear him to sleep, and he will protect you in the astral realm. Wear him to meditate, and he will protect you from lower vibrational entities and make sure you only connect to the highest beings of light.
Thingol has beautiful and loving energy. He loves to be near his Guardian, so wear him as often as feel guided to do so.
Meditating with Thingol is highly recommended. He is a quiet spirit, but he doesn’t mind talking. Know that he loves to visit you in the astral realms.
Charge Thingol under the sun and moonlight. Offer him gratitude and prayer, and he will offer you protection.

Thingol is a pre-activated Black Tourmaline Crystal Skull made into a 108 Japa Mala made with Black Obsidian and Onyx beads.


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